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Preparing For Your First Visit

1.  If you have been told by either a radiology facility or your primary doctor that you need a breast biopsy please understand that you will likely NOT have the biopsy the first time you see the doctor.  Sometimes the doctor is able to do a biopsy on your first appointment but this rarely happens.  The first appointment is for a consultation to review your mammograms and ultrasound and for the doctor and you to make a decision as to whether a biopsy is needed and, if so, what kind of biopsy should be done.  The doctor can perform some ultrasound-guided biopsies and surgical biopsies but does not perform stereotactic biopsies.  To avoid frustration, misunderstanding, and disappointment we encourage you to schedule the recommended biopsy with the radiology facility and should the doctor be able to do the biopsy the day of your consultation the radiology appointment can be cancelled.

Many women wonder why they need to see a breast specialist doctor if the biopsy can merely be done by a radiologist.  When a woman has an abnormal mammogram there is more to consider than just technically getting a biopsy.  Often radiologists recommend a biopsy and once the imaging is reviewed with a breast specialist a recommendation is made for only a 6 month follow up mammogram.  Sometimes after consultation with the doctor a different type of biopsy is settled on (for instance a surgical biopsy).  Additionally, once a biopsy is done there is inevitably follow up imaging and follow up visits to be done and a breast specialist doctor is the best person to coordinate all that.  Lastly, it is to your advantage to be examined by a breast specialist BEFORE any bruising or swelling obscures subtleties of your breast exam.

2.  To provide you with the most complete consultation our doctors need access to your mammograms and any other imaging studies.  Our office has access to the online portals (and thus all imaging) from EVDI, Scottsdale Medical Imaging, Simon Med, Az Tech, and Desert Valley Radiology.  If you had imaging at any other facility  (i.e. Banner Facilities, Solis) you will need to obtain your films (preferably the hard copies and NOT a disc) and bring them to your appointment.

3.  Ask us about our patient portal! Once you sign up you will be able to directly enter your health information, demographics and you can use the system to communicate with our office.

3. At the time of your visit please remember to bring a picture ID, any referral from your primary doctor that may be needed, and any potential copay. Please check with your individual insurance company as to whether a referral is needed.  We look forward to seeing you.