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Considering Surgery

The physicians at Prevail Breast Center and our care partners, have many years of experience and advanced training dealing exclusively with breast cancer and disease….  Read More

Not All Breast Cancer Requires a Mastectomy

Many women believe when diagnosed with breast cancer the best surgical option is to remove the entire breast (mastectomy). In the past, mastectomy was the norm but treatment advances now allow most women the choice between mastectomy and lumpectomy (a much less invasive surgery that spares the breast)….   Read More

Available Services Performed or Coordinated Through Our Office.

 In Office Consultations
  • Abnormal Mammogram
  • Breast Cancer
  • Breast Mass or Lump
  • Nipple Discharge
  • Breast Infection (Mastitis)
  • Breast Pain
Diagnostic Procedures
  • Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA)
  • Ultrasound-guided Core Needle Biopsy
  • Stereotactic Core Needle Biopsy
  • MRI-Guided Core Needle Biopsy
  • Ductoscopy
Breast Surgery
  • Core needle biopsy
  • Needle/Wire-localized surgical procedures
  • Excisional breast biopsy
  • Duct Excision
  • Partial Mastectomy
  • Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy
  • Axillary Lymph Node Dissection
  • Mastectomy without reconstruction
  • Skin Sparing Mastectomy with reconstruction
  • Screening Mammography
  • Diagnostic Mammography
  • Breast Ultrasound
  • Breast MRI
Reconstructive surgery
  • Tissue Expanders and Implants
  • Latissimus Dorsi, TRAM, DIEP, Microvascular Free Flap
High Risk Clinic
  • Close monitoring of patients at high risk for breast cancer.
  • Annual clinical breast exams, mammograms, and breast MRIs.
  • BRCA and genetic testing
  • Prevention (medications such as Tamoxifen or Evista)
  • Risk Assessment and Counseling
  • Genetic Testing
  • Prevention
Endocrine Therapy
Radiation Therapy
Education, Support, and Rehabilitation:
  • Patient Education
  • Psychosocial Support
  • Lymphedema Education and Treatment